FINIKO Calculator

View the expected results here, depending on the number of CTI you own.

You’ll immediately see what phenomenal results compounding can produce, and what the impact is of securing your investment as quickly as possible.

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“Nec Plus Ultra”, “Golden Grail” that is the best way to describe the results of the Finiko calculator.

An investment of 3 CTI or $3,000 grows in 2 years through trading up to: $16,296 where the entire investment can be withdrawn within 5 months.

🔥 With compounding, however, that $ 16,296 turns into as much as $ 46,822.

🔥🔥 But with the optimized compounding described in this video the value even grows to as much as: $ 147.500 where the investment of only $ 3.000 can be withdrawn even 1 month earlier, already after 4 months.